Sunday, November 20, 2011

Babble, babble, babble....

Not much to report on the home front.  Things are still the same.
Well not really the same but nothing exciting.

Cheeks behavior is still the same.
Principal every day.
Every day.
We started the process in September of getting him help.
It has yet to officially start.
We had a therapist come out twice.
She let me know the other day that she got a full time job & a new therapist would be coming out.  Fabulous, maybe this one will actually start "talking" with Cheeks.  Since the first two times the first one came out it was all paperwork.

The behavioralist was scheduled to come out last week.
She canceled about an hour before because she has not received paperwork yet.

Nothing like working with the state, eh?

Besides that Bobster is working like a dog.  Last weekend we were fortunate to go up to The Poconos to see him over night.  His hotel has an indoor pool, a highlight for the 5yo.  He's down the street from some outlets, a highlight for me!  It was some nice family time for us without all the distractions of "home."

Who can believe Thanksgiving is Thursday?
Holy cannoli, how did it get to be that time of year?
Aunt Erin is cooking this year.
Thank goodness.
I'd rather just bake my way through dinner.
Perhaps next year I will make a cake resembling a turkey & call it a day. 

That was enough babble for now, I am outty!