Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's a Parade!

Warning, heavy photo post.
Warning #2, photos taken with crappy cell phone.

Now on with the show.
Saturday was the next town over Christmas parade. 
Since we live about 2 mins from the town we took in the show.
What a show it was.

Check out the horse drawn carriage.

 For those who have been with my blog for away & have heard me talk about "The Mummers" here they are.
Well one band anyway.
Grown men, dressing up and "strutting" down the street.
It's a big to-do in the Philadelphia area.
Trust me.
 Who is this?
Wait a minute!
This is the adorable, yet overly hyperactive, son of mine.
This is really the only time he stood still.
Well that & when he dumped chocolate milk all over my tushie.
Don't ask!
 OOOH! A float!
 Or two!
 More Mummers!
Just so you know, women were only recently let in the Mummers.
It was exclusively men for years.
It was prob. in the last 20 yrs that women could join.
 Cheeks was confused why the men were wearing skirts.
This is the "Emerald Society."
Irish Bagpippers, not Scottish.
 I have no idea how Frosty didn't melt.
It was about 62 degrees outside.
Completely foreign for this time of year!
 The Collingswood High School Marching Band.
Bringing in you know who!
 There he is!
The big man himself.
So that's what we did this weekend, what did you do?