Monday, May 14, 2012

DMV Sightings

I had to go to DMV today.
Now we all now how good of a time that is.

Amplify that by the fact that I was on my lunch hour & the good time escalates to super good time.

Sure, I had to wait to get my new license but the fight between the DMV woman at window 11 & the guy who wanted to give his out of state, torn & taped license as proof of id, was noteworthy.  I thought she was going to deck him when he said the word "Sh*t" to her. 

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT...use a curse word with the DMV employees.  They do not take kindly to it.

But what made this trip momentous & memorable was seeing a certain gentleman saunter on up to the window while I sat.

I was going to ask for his autograph because really it's not that often that you see a bounty hunter in these parts of Jersey.

Here he is folks:

Dog, the Bounty Hunter!

Check out that mullet.
Natural blonde too...with curls at the bottom.  I think he uses a curling iron but what do I know.

Is THAT magnificent or what?

Totally worth being 30 minutes late back to work.