Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's that time of year again...


Boob sweat.

I get it.
Do you?

It seems to affect those of us with how do I put this midly....large & in charge boobies.

Of course, with our a/c downstairs broken, the boob sweat is in full effect.

Thank the good Lord, I don't get ring around the boobs BUT the girls glisten like no tomorrow.

I usually dose them with some cornstarch powder.
Sometimes tho., they get a little red.
Then all heck breaks loose.

I actually have to get diaper cream to help with the redding.

I can't take it.
Either can the girls.

So tell me, do you suffer?
What is your tried & true method to get by with boob sweat?

Please tell.
My girls & I thank you in advance.



Barefoot Foodie just shared that she uses Dove antipersperant under her boobs ;)


Wow. I came in from feeding animals the other day and my better half was like "uh, wow". I can't help it dude! Thats why I wear undershirts so the top shirt does not show the *cough cough* damp spot.
I've heard people use those clear crystal deoderant/antiperspirant stones and it helps, haven't tried it though. And powder doesn't last all day.
Feel free to unload any ideas you find work!