Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sunday Confessions

Here again.
Sunday Funday.
Of course it's time for confessions.

This one, for some of you, may not come as a surprise...others who don't know me so well will be like "Whaaaaat?"

I, Meghan, author of this blog, loathes & despises:

Can you believe it?
I can not stand watermelon.
Even to touch it.

I think it goes back to my days of cashiering.  People would being them up and I would have to bag them.  Whether whole or cut up.  The watermelon was always so cold and it would give me a chill right up the palm of hands to my spine.

I know.

I have a lot of quirks.

It's so bad that I refuse to buy it.  If anyone in my household wants it, they get it somewhere else or the Nana takes pity on them, buys it, chops it & brings it over.  

I can't even stand the smell.

So, No Watermelon for you!

Tell me, do you skeeve anything?


Lisa Gradess Weinstein

It's not so strange Megan there's thing that I can't stand. I don't like bananas - and I don't like cooked fruit, so it follows that I hate any kind of pie with cooked fruit. With the exception of pumpkin pie, that I like!


That's funny. I hate watermelon too. I thought I was the only one.