Thursday, January 01, 2015

Saving Grace by Jane Green

So I tried to post all the books I read last year.
I did well, then fell off the turnip truck.
I am back this year.
I just finished this one yesterday:

Fortunately, I won a copy and I am so glad I did.

This book will keep you up at night. Not because it's scary but because you can't wait to see what happens next.

The story centers on Grace, one half of a literary power couple.  Has the life of Riley until Beth, a new assistant, comes into her life.  Things start to go haywire and crumble for Grace, causing her world to spiral out of control.  

I feel the story has overtones of The Hand hat Rocks the Cradle.  The antagonist is definitely a character defined by her swarmy ways while the protagonist manages to make you feel as if you are in her shoes every step of the way.

I would recommend as a good read for those winter nights ahead, I also urge you to never hire an assistant.  Just saying.

Tell me, what are reading right now?