Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He's back!

Kitchen Nightmares was on tonight.
9pm est.
I think it premiered last week but I missed it.
I did not miss tonight.

Top Model at 8.
Beefcake, I mean, kitchen show @ 9.

It was pretty good.
Gross but good.
And Chef Ramsey was spotted TOPLESS on the show.
Had to be done.
Ya know, for ratings.

Anyway check it out. Pretty good little show.

Now today I had an interview. So off I went.
I arrived on the 3rd floor, told the older than dirt receptionist my name.
Not once,
Not twice,

She then called the girl I was meeting with and told her:


Lady, do I look like a video game system?
Or did you decide b/c I am a fluffy girl, that I am mega fat & decided that is my new name.
Again, just another example of someone naming me what they prefer v. what my mom liked.

Anywho, interview went well.
I want to stay home but there is a lot more to consider when I do that then just my wants.

Bobster has been home for awhile now. Well since Sunday night.
Timmy had to be put in the hospital for an infected hair folicle that turned into a staff infection so he came home.
He's working locally for the time being.
Timmy is home.
Came home today.
I feel bad for the kid.
He has to have the wound packed & repacked everyday.
Just like I did with my face.
It's painful but I was able to be numbed.
They can't num his area.
Not good times.
At least he's home now & resting.
He's been sick & nervous about each repack everyday.
He's on the mend tho.
Monday he goes to Dupont to see what is going on with his back.
He has bulging ligaments & 3 stress fractors so he is a brace for 6 mos.
He's 8th grade year isn't go so great right now.

So keep him your thoughts.
And say a prayer for the next person who mispronounces my name or decided to spell it their way.
It won't be pretty people.
Won't be pretty.

Woops out!


Going For Greatness

OMG Poor Timmy!! :( HUGS!!

umm ok.... yeah Mega... nice. Real nice.

Umm as for Kitchen Nightmares.. OMG.. i am NOT a tv person but that is a MUST SEE FOR ME! I am a HUGE fan of Chef Ramsey.

Glad to hear the interview went well...... Keep us posted!


I love Ramsey....hated this particualr episode and next weeks looks to be even grosser (if that is a

As to the older than dirt receptionist who mis-pronounced your name. While I understand (oh, boy do I understand) your frustration...for someone who is elderly, I tend to cut them some slack. She may be on the deaf side and (esp. since you had to repeat it 3 times) and perhaps just didn't HEAR all of it. Just a thought.