Saturday, September 29, 2007

So much has been going on!

Where do I begin?
How about with this little man right here:

Someone took 2 steps this morning! Yep.

All by himself. How exciting!!! I don't think he realized it tho. He's been doing one step alone in the playpen but this was on the floor.

Go Cheekers!!!! My baby is growing up! I can't stand it. Waaaah!

Here's a quick layout I did last night for the sketch challenge at I love the pattern paper. It's by Rusty Pickle!!!
I think it came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Teehee

So with the scraps I decided to create some cards to sell on Ebay. My Xmas ones didn't sell but hopefully these will!

There is a block party out front of my house today.
Out front.
10 feet from my front door.
They started setting up for it at 6am.
Good times!
Good times!

Bobster is on his way back.
Must run.

Woops out~!



Love that photo of Cheeks and totally love your cards. Good luck with your auctions.


How exciting - little guy is growing - I think your cards are cute!


Love that photo of Ethan! Love the cards! Good luck on your auction!

Wild World of Scrap

Way to go Cheeks!!

HUGS to you and momma,


How exciting!

duh, it's me :)

Meghan, Meghan, Meghan :) Cool page!! Next thing you know he will be off and running!

Nik Just Nik

Love that photo of Cheeks and that layout is are the cards.. Hope you have some luck on ebay...


Two steps, eh?? Watch out girlfriend, pretty soon it is all over!!! Eric jasn't stopped since he took those first few fact he RUNS everywhere now!!!! He is much quicker than his 32 y/o momma, that's for sure!!!!!

Going For Greatness

be glad he didn't start walking at 9 months! *ACK* My 2 did!!! *GASP!*

your layout is darling! Love the cards too! GOOD LUCK on Ebay! It takes a while.. don't give up too soon!


How adorable!!!! Love the pages and all the halloween goodness! Thanks for the support and in ur name goes!!!