Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hola! I am back from the land of Goya!!!

Did you miss me?
Did you even know I was gone?
Yes, yes, Bobster's company flew me to Puerto Rico for a long weekend.
So nice!
Flight down was super sweet. I had no one next to the two seats next to me & then a very quiet, old, old lady who only spoke Spanish & used her Rosary beads the entire flight. I watched Blades of Glory on the way down. Glad I didn't go to the movies for that one.

Got off the flight.
Met Bobster (and Keith...can't leave him out!)

Back to the apt. It's sweet! 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, balcony, tile floor & AIR CONDITIONING.
For the love of God, PR is HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!

Went to lunch.
Best food ever! Italian & better than the food I had in Italy.
Bobster's boss called & said to take me out to dinner on the company.
We hit up Ruth Chris.
Now that was good.

I drank.
Can you believe it?
While in PR, I had 2 Cosmo's, ice cream w/ Brandy on it, a Pina Strawberry Coloda & a Shmirnoff Ice.

Got to meet some guy from the Sixers. Well Keith & Bob talked to him. I just sat there. Some 6'9, white kid who looked like Ashton Kutcher. His leg folded was the lenght of mine. But let me tell you, he had the whitest, straightest teeth EVER!

AS for the county of PR....hmmm...for those who are local, if you have been to Camden, you have been to PR. For those not so local....think of the worse city in your state & there you have PR.

Don't get me wrong. Parts of the Island are beautiful (like the rain forest) but for the most part, it's a poor county & sadly, it shows.

A lot of people just pull over on the side of the road & open their trunk. Pull out the portable over/grill & cook & sell it. Or they pull out souvenoirs. Sell them.
Right there!

I missed Cheekers terrible.
I swear he grew so much in the 4 days I was gone.
I was happy to see him. He smiled at me but Elmo was on so he was preoccupied.
Glad to know Mommy isn't as special as Elmo.

Now for the pics.

This is Charlie. He greeted us every time we came or went from Bobster's apt.

This is not a sign for any type of Happy Hour you would find around where you live. This is a sign for Happy Hour at the Lucky 7 where you can get LUCKY.
Local whorehouse.
Nice eh?

The average, local entertainment.

Holy Mother of God!
Look at those people.
See what no make up, heat, humidity & being in a rain forest will do for you!

Pretty leaf in the rainforest. It's huge actually!

I will post more later.

Funny thing, Bobster will be returning this weekend!

For how long, not sure, but will enjoy him immensly!

Woops out ~!


duh, it's me :)

Awesome!! Now THAT looked like fun, just what the doctor ordered :) I am glad that you got away for a bit, and hope the break did you good!


Great pictures! With or without makeup. You are gorgeous!

Kathy Carr

Thanks for the update and photos! Loved it! I've never been to PR.


Glad you were able to get away and have some fun. It's difficult to leave the kids but ever so important for the relationship.