Thursday, September 20, 2007

Spelling Lesson

Ok listen up.
Pay attention.

My name is Meghan.
It is spelled M E G H A N
That's right, my name has an H in it.

Now, I have all my emails signed w/ my name.
I also sign all my mb's with my name.

Not once I have ever spelled it differently.
Unfortunately a lot of people feel that even tho. they are reading what I wrote, they either:
a. Aren't paying attention
b. Decide the way they want to spell my name is better than how my mom spelled it.

Here's a quick lesson for you.
When you add an extra a, e or i. It changes the pronunciation.
Meaghan.....sounds like Maygin.
You pronounce my name like this: M egg in.
There ya go. I broke it out for you!

Now if you had an i, like Meighan. It is now said like this:
Again, this is not how I spell my name nor say it.

I know there are different ways to spell Meghan.
I have a best friend who spells it Megan. Of course, when I made something out to here, once, just once, I spelled it like mine. I quickly redid it so she didn't think I was a moron. I think that mistake is understandable since it's the same name!

So please, please, please pay attention to the spelling if the person's name is in what they wrote.

I have had to deal with misspelling for 37 years. YEP! You read it right.
37 years.

So remember it's spelled like this:

Got it?



Hi Meghan - I have been reading your blog. It is a riot. I was wondering where in NJ are you. I am in Mays Landing which is about 1/2 hour from the lovely (read disgusting) Atlantic City. I would love to have another mom to talk to. E-mail me if you want - of check out my blog at

Hope to hear from you.



Amen sister. I am SO with you on this.

Tora. Torrea. Tara. Torrey. Torren.

It's no wonder I just go by T most of the time.

Sara (scrapbookthesimpleway group)

I hear ya....says Sara without an "H" :) My mom had a fit when I spelled my first daughter's name Britnee (I did it b/c that is how it is pronounced...) She said, "She would have to spell it everywhere she goes." I said, "Mom, I have to spell MY name everywhere I go!"


With you on this one!!

My name is C-Y-N-D-I and I get so many variations all the time!!! I get E's, and two Y's, two I's...I thought my name was quite simple to be honest!

And let's not even get into my last name!


lemme see now.....i get jay, jaya, jayne,jade, jadie, jayadee. very seldom does anyone actually say jayedee.
i feel for ya girlie

Felicia McB

Mine gets pronounced wrong all the time and it's been spelled wrong ALOT! My small group of Friends in junior high started calling me FeFe, lol and it eventually got shortened to just Fe, which I like.
So I totally understand what you're going though!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu do you spell it? :)


I love this... M egg in

-Meghan O