Friday, November 09, 2007

Don't think I ever posted this.
I did it for the sketch challenge at
It was actually a contest to get in their newsletter for November.
Well, I was picked.
That site is pretty cool & the girlers are all great.

Today is it.
My last official workday home.
I start my new job on Monday.
Must have passed the drug test....see I thought all those drugs I did in the 60's would have shown up.
I wasn't born til 70?
Hmm....guess that's why I passed! BAAHAAHAA (it's early & I am easily amusing myself)

I need to go Christmas shopping today.
Actually to the Berlin Farmers Market. This place is, how does one say, unique. You can get everything from used crap to brand new, toys will break in an hour, crap.
They have a nice butcher shop.
They have an even more awesome sports shop. It sells all the NFL crap.
So I am going to go get the boys, the nephew & Bobby some stuff. It's all the stuff I would buy online but at least here I'm not paying shipping...altho. I guess it balances out.

I have to tell you about the Nun.
Last night were went to Applebees for dindin with my dad.
So I see Cheeks start to smile & along come a Nun who talks to him for a minute & sits down directly behind us on the other side of the aisle (that is aisle like is not spelled isle, as in something found in water...BIG PET PEEVE PEOPLE! Learn the diff!) I digress.
So she's sitting.
And Cheeks just wouldn't stop staring.
We all tried to distract him but it just wasn't working.
Well we finally thought we had him distracted so we were eating when I noticed he was staring again.
This was going on for about 20 mins.
Before I had a chance to do anything or before the Nun even realized he was doing it again, he stared at her & started sobbing & then clung to me. I mean he wouldn't let go & had tears streaming down his face.
She was flabbergasted & I was mortified.
I apologized & she said she understood but couldn't figure out why.
I told her it may be the habit.
She wasn't dressed like Sally Field.
Just plain ole run of the mill, modern nun.
I think the habit came to her shoulders & was tasteful. She was, afterall, 75 or so.
Everytime he looked at her, he could cry.
He eventually stopped when I shoved ice cream in his mouth but isn't that weird?
Poor kid.
Now he will be afraid of Nuns.
Guess it pays we aren't Catholic!

Well I must go wake Sleeping Beauty so she can keep an eye on Cheeks so I can shower.

Woops out!



So cute! Love the LOs! And poor Cheekers! I know how he feels though... I went to Catholic schools and seeing nuns in habis makes me cry too... LOL!

Tara O'Rourke

OK-that's would take my comment. Weird....

Poor little Cheekers.

Congratulations on getting your COOL LO's into the newsletter. There's nothing like seeing them in "pring" huh?


Love the pages! How weird that Ethan would cry when he seen teh nun. Poor kid. lol

Kathy Carr

The layouts are awesome. Strange story about the nun - you are going to scrap that right? LOL


Love the layout Meghan... How you used the different papers but the orange brings it all back toghether again..

How funny about Cheeks.. I wonder what it was that upset him to much.. Funny how ice cream fixes all the problems in the world though.. If only we could get George Bush to eat it and get over himself LOL!!!


Nice layouts chica. Congrats on the posting.

Poor Cheekers. Maybe he was just terrified...who knows. Hopefully it won't last forever. That would be a bummer.



lol very cute, love the -photos! lol Im scared of nuns too...what are under those habits?