Thursday, November 01, 2007

November 1st

Here's my mom!
She showed up last night, dressed like Raggedy Ann.

No she didn't dress up for work.
She dressed up for Cheeks b/c the sun rises & falls on this child!!!!
The funny thing is she got him a book that has the buttons to push to play music.
Well, he would push, she would dance.
He caught on quick & would push. When she was done, he would clap & push it again.
This went on for like 15 mins.
I wonder if she will dress up like a Turkey for Thanksgiving for him....hee hee

This was taken yesterday on the way to see my Godson.
What a ham! Check out those teeth. He had all his teeth by the time he was 13 mos old.

Saw my Grandpop today.
It's his birthday.
He turned 87,
Holy Moly.
Cheeks had a good time. He got to walk around & just go.
No wonder he was asleep about 2 mins after I put him in the cribby.

Didn't forget about my RAK.
I need to print out the posts & have Cheeks pick.
Stay tuned!

Woops out!



Your mom is too cute and a Hoot it sounds like.


Very cute - your boy must just adore her!


How cute is that!!! And cheeckers looks ADORABLE (as always). I bet he liked your mom dressing up!!


OMG Meghan too darn cute he is!

Kathy Carr

I love that your mom dressed up and this is an awesome photo of Cheeks!

The Untamed Scrapper

OH my gosh I can't believe he's so "toddler" looking and not a baby any more. He's absolutely gorgeous and YES, the sun does rise and set in him for your family - as it should be! LOL (The Southern sun rises and sets here at my house HA HA HA)

Your mom is tops girl. How special of her.

Thanks for sharing your family. I love it!



what a great mom you have! must be where YOU get it from!


Ahhh your mom is a fun lady!!!!! heheh I LOVE it!!! OMG Cheekers just gets cuter and cuter!!!!