Saturday, November 03, 2007


The one good pic I have of me & my son & the kid doesn't look like me in it. At least in person he looks just like me! :>)
I never said how much Cheekers won for his prize.
Are you ready?
Hold onto your seats.....
It actually came in handy b/c he needed his first official shoes. He has Converse sneaks but we needed something with substance.
So off to we went & he got his first pair of Nikes.
Size 6!!!
Holy Beejezeebs Batgirl! Those are some big feet.
He does have room to grow tho & his size 4 Converse still feet.
He inherited my high instep.

Today we did a yardsale at a local school.
Proceeds went to a student who was diagnosed w/ Lukhemia (?) was $15 for the space.
Well I took all of Cheeks clothes sans a few special things + his exersaucer & a bucnh of xtra stuff. Erin took tons of things too.
We ended up each making $20 & took everything immediately to Goodwill.
Left early...started at 8, we left at 9:30.
Well it was 35 with the windchill, overcast, raining & the wind gust were 35 mph.
Good times!
Good times!
Erin & I took turns sitting with Cheeks in the van.

Stopped & saw my friend Rocky...haven't seen him in over 2 yrs.
It was so good to see him. So shout out to Rock & Bren!!!! Hoping we will get together soon & they will get to meet Bobster.

Speaking of which, he is returning to PR pretty soon.
It sucks but that's life.

And, as Murphy Law always is, I start my new job on Nov 12th & just received a subpeona to testify (finally) in case that has come to trial. It came to trial in 2006 (the alledge crime took place in 2004), but the orig. trial was postponed. I just mentioned to my family that I can't believe it never came to trial. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.
So now I have to report to work & let them know that during my 3rd week of training, I will need the week off b/c I've been subpeona.
Way to start off on a good foot.

Ok, some race w/ Spring cars is on & I like them so I am outty!

Woops out!



Kids grow fast, my son got his first pair of real shoes 3 weeks ago and is already in need of a bigger size. We started size 6 with room and that room didnt last!!! Good luck and congrats on the win. He is adorable.


i adore the picture and imho, he does too look like you in it. (hows that for lousy grammer?)


Wow, my dd, who is 10, is just in a size 1. She's got the tiniest feet! I mean, come on, size 13 is still child sizes! Yikes!



are ya kiddiin me?? he looks JUST like you in that pic. he only has his daddy's plumbing...
the nana