Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Conversations w/ the Cheekers

This evening on the ride home Cheeks & I were discussing his field trip.
I asked who he sat on the bus with.
He told me Summerlyn.

Here is how the rest of the convo went:
Me: "Do you like Summerlyn?"
C: "Yes I like her"
Me: "Is she pretty?"
C: "Yes but she doesn't wear a dress so no she isn't pretty"
Me: "She isn't pretty because of her clothes"
C: "She needs to take her clothes off"
Me: "You would think she would be pretty naked?"
C: "Yes but she would need to wear a dress or a skirt then she would be beautiful."
Me: "Oh beautiful?"
C: "Yes, in a dress or skirt"

Aunt Erin asked Cheeks if she was pretty
C: "Yes, no"
AE: "Im not pretty?"
C: "Well no you don't wear a dress or skirt?"
AE: "I have to wear a dress or skirt?"
C: "Yes"

AE: "Well if I'm not pretty what am I?"
C: "A man!"

I had to hold Aunt Erin from teaching Cheeks about female equality.
I think he has seen one too many princess movies really.
He told me the same thing last night.
I wasn't beautiful because I didn't wear dresses or skirts.

If only it was that easy to be beautiful.

What have you discussed with your kids lately?


MS Mom

My 5year old tells his Aunt yesterday:
"Mommy doesn't smoke anymore. Deddy does. We need to pray for him. His lungs will be black."

Susie from Bienvenue

Too funny!