Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phrase I've never thought I'd have to utter

Let me preface this with, while I have 2 older boys, I wasn't blessed with them til they were 11 & 6.
I didn't have to deal with certain things.
Ask me what I'm dealing with now & I can tell you some stories.

I digress.

I have noticed lately the following phrase being repeated, a lot, in my home.
Directed at my very soon to be 4 yo.

The phrase:

You aren't peeing, so stop touching it!

What phrase do you find yourself saying?



Bwahahahaha! Youo're far more tactful than I am. I just say, stop touching it or you'll go blind


LOLOLOLOL. I say "Hands on your head." It usually breaks the vulcan death grip. Love love love the new look. So cute!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven

Boys are so fun and gross! I have 7, so I find myself doing quite of bit of "mindless muttering"!


Easier at my house. We're just going through an "awwww" phase.
Me: "No, ice cream is for AFTER dinner"
3 kids: "Awwwwww"
We finally resorted to "Awww isn't english, use your words!"