Saturday, July 17, 2010

Turning 40 stinks!

Yesterday was my birthday.
I was ok with it.

At 5pm I started to not become okay with it.

Here is how it progressed.

5pm - Sitting @ desk when I suddenly get a growing discomfort in my neither region. I visit the ladies room 4 times in the next 30 minutes.

5:30 - Visit the ladies one last time to discover a "pink" tinge to my urine. Leave, pick up E.

6:00 - Drive home I keep getting pressure in my lower back & feel like I am going to pee my pants. Upon groaning with a bit of pain, while driving, I hear from the back seat "I know, honey, I know" from my 3yo.  He even rubbed my back when we got home.  Whatta kid!

7:00 - Arrive @ ER. My mom went w/ me & we were there from 7 til 2 in the morning. We had a nasty male nurse who figured I was in for a UT infection & told me about his disgust for us being there. He also left all my blood samples in my room causing us to wait an additional 2 hrs or so b/c he "forgot" them & my labs never got done. At approx 1:30 or so, my really, super sweet doctor comes in to tell me I passed a kidney stone. Happy Birthday to me!

9:00am - I have an accident at home that I do not want to go into but lets just say I wasn't able to control something resulting in me having extra laundry. Yep. Good times.

12:00pm - Discover that overnight, someone decided to do a funny & pried off my driver's side rear tail light assembly, leaving the lights exposed. This is after the beginning of the week someone broke into the van & took, of all things, a wind up radio.

Can I have a do over!?!



Masn Meghan! I would want a do over too. I hate when nurses are rude. I mean sheesh. What freakin difference does it make if are there for a uti? If it was not serious you would not be there in the first place.


OH man! -_- What a totally craptastic 40th! So so SO sorry things went bad... :( {{{HUGS}}}} and much love...


at least we were together like we were 40 years prior. we were in the hospital last night at the exact time of your birth.. it brought back all kinds of memories for me. THE PAIN for one. i'd have smacked you like the dr did but you didnt feel well as it was... happy birthday to my favoite oldest daughter.. i love you and i'm sorry you had to go thru all of that .... you can do over whatever you want. and if you want to remain 39 forever then we will be the same age forever together... xxxx, mommy