Saturday, July 24, 2010

Little Saturday Craftiness

Preface: I do not have a before shot b/c well I forgot.
Said it.
Whew, weight off my shoulders lifted.

Without further adieu here is my Saturday craftiness.

A few years back I was given this frame. It was white with gold trim. Didn't exactly scream moi.

Then a few months ago, my dad gave me old skeleton keys he got on Ebay.

So, I thought, hmm, I can do something crafty with this.
Got out the spray paint.
Got out the frame.
Sprayed, sprayed, sprayed.
Instant black frame.

Then I got out the skeleton keys, counted out five...two for the momma & the pappa in the house, 3 for the monsters children that live here.  Cut out some cute scrapbook paper.  The Modge Podge'd the keys to the paper.

It now hangs in my teeny tiny foyer, ok there's no foyer just small bit of wall but foyer sounds more classy!

And that, readers, is my Saturday craftiness.



Pretty! I love the keys! :) Following you from Saturday Soiree. Feel free to visit me!




oooooh, I LOVE key. Love them! (ive got one in a tattoo even.)

i may be stealing that idea ;)


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Miss Janice

This is adorable. I love the keys, paper, and frame. Great job!!!