Monday, February 14, 2011


I have something to say.

Brace yourself.

I can not, absolutely, can not stand Giada DeLaurentis.

I know, I know....she's sweet, she's pretty but OMG! She is one annoying woman.

And you know something else....cleavage is all she knows.

I haven't seen her on her show, promos, ads or even walking the red carpent in something not cleavage bearing.

Exhibit A:

Let's check out Exhibit B...a still from her show.
Why hello girls! Nice to see you.

Of course we have our final example:
Exhibit C:

Does her head look photoshopped in that one or is it me?

Plus the way she pronounces the Italian names.
Drives me nuts.
I know she speaks Italian
she speak English so put the English spin on it!

She is really is sweet.
Also very pretty.

She just rubs me the wrong one.
So sad.

Tell me who rubs you the wrong way?


Preppy Little Dress

You are hilarious! What drove you to write this post? I love Giada, she is just a pretty in person. Met her at Williams-Sonoma a few years back. However, I do understand where you are coming from as far as the was she pronounces words --- drives me nuts too! :) PLD

Tara O

LOL...I don't know who this person is....

Jilian MIchaels drives me batty. When I work out to her vids...most of the time I would like to punch her and sometimes I pretend I am kicking HER in the vid. LOL