Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dear Domino's

Oh Domino's.
I gave you a second chance.
It was all the commercials showing people in pretend conference rooms talking about how they think your pizza is made by machines, then SURPRISE, they are in the middle of a field.
The commercials featuring all the people putting down your pizza & how you have improved your sauce, etc.

Having to feed the masses this weekend I chose to take up your offer of $5.99 medium pies.

I was extremely disappointed.

The taste, just not there.
The quality, poor.

Perhaps it's just my Domino's.
I mean it did take them 10 minutes to acknowledge me at the counter to do my pick up.
Everyone was busy

Domino's I was not satisfied.
The sauce tasted like sweetened up Chef Boy'r Dee.
The cheese was congealed, even though it was warm.
As for the pineapples, well they were sweet but um, looked like they were about 2 minutes from expiring.
The crust, a little salty.

Sorry Domino's, 2 strikes & your out.

Maybe I'll give you another chance in 2012.