Thursday, February 24, 2011

PSA Alert

Here is your Public Service Announcement for Feb 2011.

It's geared towards women.
Mainly women who use employment/public restrooms.

What I'd like to know is, how is your bathroom at home?
Is the toilet never flushed?

Apparently, if you do not have to clean the bathroom then it's not necessary to make sure all goes down in the toilet.
It only takes a second to turn around and make sure everything you have put in the bowl has gone away.

This leaves the bowl as pristene as it can be for the next visitor.

Of course, we have the "throw away the towel" situation as well.
If it doesn't make it in the can, bend over & pick it up.
Not only is this helpful and keeps the room looking somewhat decent, it provides exercise.

Just some simple hints to make your restroom experience a little more pleasant.


MS Mom

My biggest pet peeves right there. I have 3, yes 3, males in my hme and not a one knows how to flush a toilet. Lucky though to only have one other female to share the women's restroom with at my job. Tidy and germaphobic as I am.