Sunday, February 20, 2011

Exploiting my Baby by Teresa Strasser

Thanks got being a member of the Left to Write Book Club I was lucky enough to get to read "Exploiting my Baby" by Teresa Strasser.

You know Teresa.
She was the hostess back in the day on the TLC show "While You Were Out"...loved that show!  Now you can catch her on the VH1 type I love the 80's...that type of show.

Anyway she got pregnant.
Had the little bambino & decided to do a memoir of her pregnancy.
Wish I had done that.
Wait, that's why I blog.
Well at least one of the reasons I started the blog.

Anyway, she is a hoot and extremely truthful.
Not going to sugarcoat it though, she can be crass but sometimes that's how pregnant women feel...crass.  At least I did, try carrying an 11 pounder who like to stretch.

She definitely tells it like it is & even lists people she'd like to punch for various reasons.
She also expresses her nervousness during her pregnancy with humor. 
Her language is a bit crude but lets face facts, pregnant women who are miserable can swear like truck drivers.
Shoot, I'm not pregnant & my mouth gets the best of me.

She covers all her trimesters with details that I think most moms forget.
I know I forgot a lot of the details although I do remember I was the most miserable woman on the planet and I think that is why Cheeks is/was my only pregnancy.  I wouldn't put my family through another 9 months of misery of me. 

I had a great c-section and a decent recovery from it.  The nurse that took me into the operating room was more like Nurse Ratchett as she told me to "Say goodbye to your family!"  Um, wow, am I coming back?  I came back...with an 11 pound, 1 ounce baby boy and some major gluing going on down south.

I'd definitely read this book, after you have your baby and read it tongue in cheek.
If you have read it, let me know what you think of it.

Like it?
Not like it?

I say 2 thumbs up and a golf clap!

Your turn!


Brenda Bartella

I love delivery stories. Wish I had blogged about my own. But I always try to use our Fromwritetoleft books to relate to my memoir and my blogging focus which AIN'T delivery stories.

Thanks for the memories of delivering two healthy gorgeous baby boys many years ago!