Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creepy Confessions

I, Meghan, of Meghan's Mindless Mutterings, am of sound mind & body would like to confess my creepy confession.

I adore puppets.
Love them.

I think it all began with a Madam.
Not that type of Madam.
Get your mind out of the gutter...feel like I am dealing with Bobster.

I'm talking Madam of Waylan Flowers & Madam.
Please do not tell me you have no idea who I am talking about.
They used to be on Hollywood Squares.
In the 70's.
Although not center square.
That was reserved for Paul Lynd.
Of Bewitched fame.
Uncle Arthur.
Whose Uncle Arthur?
You're all killing me.

I simply get the biggest kick out of puppets.
Like stop in my tracks & watch til I pee my pants kick.

Especially Jeff Dunham.
You know, Achmed....

Cheeks recently saw his special on tv & now walks around going:
"Silence...I kill you!"

It was funny the first time.
Not so much the 999th time in five minutes.

I love the Muppets & miss "The Muppet Show"
Good times!
Remember when John Denver guest starred?
I seem to recall he was on there a lot.
Maybe he was porking the pig?

Tell me, what's your creepy confession?



i used to know a little girl who liked to rip off the legs of her barbie dolls because she had an obsession with amputees....now she's a grownup..by chance do you know her??? hmm hmmmm madam?? madam???