Monday, May 09, 2011

Tidbits in my life

See the shortest one in the group?
Can't show his face.
Witness protection & all.

The other day I stopped at a store to pick up some shorts for the angelic child.
Checking out, I asked him to come over to me.

He, nonchalantly, walked on over, propped one elbow up on the counter, looked at me & said:
"You are getting on my last nerve"

Well after the cashier regain her composure I said:
"Oh Im getting on your last nerve?"

His reply:
"Yes & if you don't stop I am going to smack your hiney"

Had this been me with the Nana, I'd have absolutely no teeth left in my mouth.
The Nana took no crap.
Broke a few spoons over my tushie growing up.

I corrected Cheeks w/o a smack on the hiney.
Thankfully I am no longer on his nerves.
I was worried, don't want to be on the bad side of the 4yo.



Tara O

I would have remembered that when it came time for dinner. LOL.....fed him rocks.