Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is my life.

We all have it right?
It sucks.

My stress is so high that in the morning I get to have a CT of my stomach to see if my ulcer is going strong or what the heck is happening in my belly.

To add more stress to my life, I worry.
Worry about finances, my kids, my parents, my sister, my job, my house.
Same things we all worry about, right?

You know Saturday. This coming Saturday.
May 21st.
It's all they can talk about it.
I'll refrain from saying what it most know.

Here's the thing. It bothers me.
I feel that all of the churches would be saying something about it.
Not just that one.

It's just a bit iffy.
You know, earthquake in Japan, floods in Iowa, Tornados, just natural disasters.

It gets me to thinking.
Nothing we can do about it tho., right?
I just joke about.
That's what I do when something secretly bothers me.

Like my weight.
My weight.
It's not pretty.
Like not pretty in a "OMG! Omar the tent maker is here for Meg's fitting"

I definitely need to do something about it.
Or next Thanksgiving, the handlers will be stringing me up so I do not float away in the parade.
I'll give you a second to catch on to what I am saying.

As for saying, (do like that segway..NICE), my 4yo has picked up a new saying.
He debuted it at preschool today.

Apparently, he didn't like something that was going on or he was befuddled by something because he just let out with:


And I don't mean he shouted the abbreviation.
Full on sentence.

Tells me it's by accident.
He knows he's not allowed to say things like that.
I don't say things like that.
Ok, fine, it slips every so often.

Told me he head it in Transformers.
Told him he will not be watching that movie any more.

Please no flames on the fact that I let him watch PG & PG13 movies.
Hence the PG...Parent's Guidance.
He doesn't get to watch them all unless I've seen them first.

He was punished.
Cries, tells me "I won't say it again. It was an accident"
Yes, yes, that word is just accidentally said.

Has your little one ever said anything out of line or embarrassing?
Are you fretting over this weekend?



Tara O

Stress isn't fun. I hate living in the middle of stress. I don't sleep.

As far as the other, we both know that it didn't happen. I heard about this but blew it are scriptures that are applicable and two...glory, hallelujah I get to go home to be with Jesus. Woot, woot. ;) Three...this same dude was wrong the last time he did this. Obviously. LOL

And yes, my kids have embarrassed me. Frequently. Tyler told some man in Wal-Mart that his Nana has "big ole boobies". This is what SHE gets for trying on bras in front of him (he was 4 or 5 so this was NOT recent....LOLOLOL). I'm sure there are many other times but this is the one I can remember after midnight.....LOL


When Alice was about the same age as your Cheeks she was walking around saying "damn it" all the time. we were not sure where she had gotten that one because it was not something we said ever. One afternoon my mil came in the room and said I know where it comes from. Her fave movie at the time Disney's Fox and the Hound. This is a line from the old trapper when he is after the fox.
So it is not just in those PG movies. don't feel bad. We all let our kids watch things that are innocent and they find the one thing in there that we have over looked to latch on to.