Friday, December 02, 2011

Buyer Beware, especially in this area....

So remember my customer service saga with Amazon and the seller, TechBargnz…yes, that was the third party sellers name.  The seller made good, charged a 15% restock fee + applicable freight out & back. Meh, on the restock but anything to get some moola back.  Still I would avoid Techbargnz in the future.  Especially since he was a little cocky in his reply email.

I digress.

Well I have another customer service doozy.  It’s especially imperative if you live in my area (South Jersey/Philly) that you heed the following warning.

Stay far, far away from Mini Trail Bikes in Lindenwold NJ.  Shyster is the only “clean” word I could come up with when describing this guy.
He states that he will service you even after the sale.
BAAHAAHAA (read that as a maniacal laugh)

Anywho, last week I had to purchase an item for a moped (don’t ask…long story & no, it does not involve me pedding around on a moped because that would just be God awful).  The gentleman assured me the part he was selling me would work for the moped.  I had the make, model & serial number for the moped to ensure I got the right piece.  The associate kept saying no, no, that won’t help me, I’m telling you this is the right part.  So upon looking at said part I asked “Um, is this used?” “Yes, but I only need it to repair a bike in the back…it’s good, I promise you”  Ok, give me the part…I was ready to get out of there.

Long story short, wrong part. I took it back & asked to exchange it for 2 items (correct item & chrome cover) that came in at a higher price.  I did this 24 hours later. The guy (same guy) was like “nope we don’t do returns” Right, I don’t want to return it, I want to exchange it…exchaaaaaange it…say it with me peeps!  This goes on for like 10 minutes with him using every excuse in the book, policy, shady individuals, raccoons eating product…you name the excuse, he used it. 

I left, with the wrong, used part in hand.  The kicker…I had to special order a part for the moped that he charged me for already plus he charged me freight to have shipped to the store…to the store! Not my home, the store.  Ugh.  I asked him to please ship it to my home since I was paying the freight.  The associate responded with…NO!

Ok, now it’s time to email the owner.
I did.
No response.
Emailed the owner again.
Again, no response.
Two more emails, two more no repsonsed.
I’m surprised I was this patient.
Third email to him, he responded “I’ll call you tomorrow”

I called him.  He didn’t call back.
Called again, got him, he’s too busy he’ll call me back in 24 hrs.
Today I got the call….5 days after he told me 24 hours.
He told me he thought about the issue of doing an exchange and he still says no.
No exchanges. I’m stuck with it.

Well, Ken of Mini Trail Bikes in Lindenwold NJ, your promise of “Parts, not promises. Service, not excuses!” really doesn’t resonate now does it? 

So if I were you & you are in need of mopeds, go carts, parts etc, go the store in Forked River, NJ… Cyclehouse…you’ll get way better customer service and won’t have to deal with shysters who have been in business as long as I’ve been alive.

Tell me do you have any customer service horror stories, I’d love to know!!!!