Saturday, December 31, 2011

#1 for 2011

The #1 post on my blog for 2011 was this one:

You know, where I asked for your opinions on whether I should go with a nose ring or not.

Overwhelmingly, the vote was for "go for it".

As you can plainly see from this photo:

I so didn't get one.

Not that I don't want one, I do.

I just got a ton of flack from my family about it.
Although I think the Aunt Erin was pro nose ring but then again, she has one.

At my age, 25, 30, 38, ok fine at my age of, ahem, 41, I feel I might be a bit over the age of appropriate nose ring peeps.

I could always get it & take it out, the hole closes, right?
Then again, at 41 & overweight, will people just think "Look there goes another fat, middle aged woman trying to recapture her young adulthood?"

Well perhaps 2012 will bring that nose ring.



This is kinda funny because up until this past summer I had a nose ring. I'm forty and I am over weight. I had it for a couple years. I had always wanted one and finally did it. The same thoughts crossed my mind too of what people would think. After I got it done some approved and some didn't. I liked it though so i didnt care. there were times i did feel self conscience about it, like my kids schools. I never let it bother me enough to get rid of it though, because i liked it. I wasnt just trying to relive my twenties, i actually did like it. Eventually i got tired of it. washing my face was a pain. it also just never seemed to heal all the way. one day it got sore and i decided to take it out for a bit. i left it out over night and it closed up. at that point i was done with it. And no, you cant even tell i ever had one.

great site by the way.