Monday, December 12, 2011

Picking off Pixars!

Poor Cheeks.
The kid doesn’t know what to do.

Every year, we get the kids their own ornaments.
Cheeks picked out a Lighting McQueen ornie from Target.
Before it even got on the tree, the spoiler on the back was mysteriously broken.
We charged on & decided to hang it on the tree.
Within minutes, Lightening hit the floor & shattered.


Problem solved we will go get another ornie.
Saturday stopped at Target, Cheeks decides to get Buzz Lightyear.
This morning I asked him if he wanted to hang it on the tree before we left.
He hesitated & said he was afraid it would break.
Being the encouraging mom that I am I said “It won’t break, come on, put it on the tree! Anywhere you want.” So he did.
Very close to the end of the branch.
I encouraged him to move it higher up the branch.
As he went to move it

Buzz hit the floor & was decapitated from the waist down.
The carnage was awful.
Cheeks immediately sprang tears.
I calmed him down by telling him we would get a 3rd one.

I’m not going to lie, I was sort of chuckling to myself as I went to get the broom because I thought: Poor kid, he can’t catch a break.

Of course, this could be my fault for allowing him to hang a delicate ornament that should have been hung much higher on the tree.
Shh! We won’t tell anyone.

So, tell me have you had any casualties this season?

I’m off to Target for another ornie!



Thus far, I've always been the one responsible for the breakage. The sad thing is that I can't throw the broken ones away. I'm too sentimental.

MS Mom

I have no casualties yet. I am so far behind I haven't put the tree up yet. No presents are bought either. Ten days left and now I am freaking. Crap!!! ONLY TEN DAYS LEFT!!! This is the most behind I have ever been! AHHHH!! Pass the Peppermint Schnapps please.