Monday, December 19, 2011

Mittens & Gloves with a Wish for a Merry Christmas

I'm thinking future rockstar!


Skylar Magazine

Hi Meghan! It's good to meet you. My name is Sarah, I found your wonderful blog over at Blog It Forward. I am now following via GFC and Facebook. Unfortunately, my computer is not allowing me to watch this video, I love kids concerts, because it takes me back to when I did those things. That was back when we were all tone deaf and it was okay. Not to say that your little one is tone deaf, but I just love stuff like that.

Anyway, I would love for you to stop by and would love to have you as a new friend and follower.

Before I go, I have a question, those little buttons at the end of the post under I'm thinking future rockstar! The little share buttons, where can I find those? I see them all the time and want to add them to mine, but not sure how. If you could help me out, I would appreciate it.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!



Awww, so cute! I'm now following you, from the Blog it Forward Tuesday hop. :)
Jan from J4C Home