Sunday, January 29, 2012

Advertising really hits home

Dear Advertising Companies

Your campaigns have done the trick.
All these years, you have marketed this ad or that towards all of us.
You have your fancy shmancy statistics to show these "commercials" really work.

I am here to tell you that they do.
See that unsuspecting five year old child up there.
Your direct marketing has worked.
He knows it all (well he really does know it all, just ask him, he'll tell you yes...just like his father)

See the other day I spilled something on my shirt.
As I was going "Are you kidding me? Oh man, this is my fav shirt"
My son gently put his hand on my arm & said
"Mom, do you know what you need?"
Me: "No, bud, what?'
Cheeks: "Mom, you need OxiClean, it'll get that tough stain out!"

So thank you marketers, you have done your job!
My son now knows OxiClean will get the job done.

Now, can you teach him to actually do the laundry?


Cat Davis

That's cute. Thank goodness for DVR, we can record and skip past all the commercial. :)

MS Mom

Now this is getting creepy. CB told his deddy that I wouldn't by OxiClean for the stains on his clothes. But it works and we need it. But I wouldn't buy it.
So Shame on me, right?
Just like he told me since I like to stay in my pajamas on the weekend, and sometimes we go somewhere, that I need PajamaJeans.