Sunday, January 08, 2012

Come On Get Happy

Something to achieve in 2012.
For everyone.

How am I going to achieve it?
I'm going to tell you.

I'm going to let things go.

Like for instance, after I clean the kitchen to a spotless, pristene room, I am going to soak in the view and revel in that moment.
I will not get upset when 2.5 seconds later I have a child or a man-child who absolutely "needs" to eat & will mess it up.

I will let it go when a customer gives me a hard time because that's the job I choose.  I will let it go.

2012 is about letting it go.
About having pajama days with the family.
About letting blankets & pillows be in the living room all day.
About relaxing.
About not letting things bother me.

It will be an uphill climb but I am up for the challenge (and I'm thinking of upping the meds).

Tell me how are you going to achieve happiness in the new year.

Leave me a comment...I'd love to know.

Also, check out Blogher's Happiness Post here. Dr. Aymee will give you some ways to help get there.

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MS Mom

Oh man those things sound so lovely to "let go" of. Especially because I am a Virgo (aka perfectionist) and a tad (just a smidget) OCD and things must be in their place at all times. I have gotten better though, last week I left the sink full of dirty dishes for 48 hours, after cleaning the kitchen all afternoon. Although I think I lost some sleep about it, progress is progress.
For me, that is more of a lifetime work-in-progress and not a New Years resolution. I know, I'm awful. But I decided that no matter what I will go to God for everything. Apply for a new job? Husband with another medical issue? Child in trouble and failing school again? HE will handle it all. If I try to change everyone and every situation around me to MY plan, then I'll never see HIS plan come to pass.
Hm. Going to God for everything is much easier than NOT getting all twitchy and freaky-out about the pee on the floor that no male will admit to.

Im sorry. I think I went off on a rant there..... :-)