Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Case of the Mysterious Smear

So this evening, after work, I needed to use our one & only bathroom.

I was doing my thing when I looked over at the tile wall and noticed a dark reddish brown smear on the wall.
"Slobs!" I thought.

So I saunter downstairs where my family is & say "Ok, who left the bloody booger smeared on the wall".

Immediate "Wasn't me!" "I didn't do it"

Then from right in front of me the 5 yo says:

"Oh that's not a boogie"

"It's not?" I replied.

So my overly honest little bundle of angelic joy said:

"No, see I was going poop AND it was a lot AND it got on my finger, so I wiped it on the wall!"

And that my friends explains why the HazMat team is outside my front door.


MS Mom

Oh MAN! Are you sure you're not living in my house? Yesterday after investigating a really nasty smell I discovered poop. In the carpet. Ya know, if you have an accident and reach around to see and get it on your hand, what better way to expose of it than in the CARPET. Ugh. I hate to laugh but I sure am glad this happens to other people.

Nika Corwin

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HILARIOUS--at least when it is someone ELSE'S child! ;o)

Cat Davis

I'm laughing with you ... not at you.


My son has done that once ... and then I made him clean it off himself. He hasn't done it again.