Sunday, March 04, 2012

For you I present #AppSmitten

Usually I do not bring offers & such to this blog.
I keep it for my other blog.

This time tho, I thought let me share with my readers this cool site called AppSmitten

This site will email you once a week, daily or once a month new apps for your devices.
For free. spave.

Here's some other info about AppSmitten:

*appSmitten hand-selects the best apps and sends recommendations directly to people's inboxes
*appSmitten focuses on finding the apps that are worth downloading - the ones that will keep you organized, entertained and productive
*There are over 1 million apps out there and finding the best ones is like finding a needle in a haystack so appSmitten is doing it for you.
*appSmitten is a free newsletter that covers the best apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
*appSmitten offers bite-sized app recommendations from a trusted source so you don't have to go hunting to find good apps. 

I've signed up for the newsletter & have tried some of the apps...totally love!

So, go sign up & let me know if you did...I'm dying to know what you think about it!

Click me: AppSmitten

*I am participating in an affliate program with AppSmitten & will receive a small compensation for each person who signs up*