Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stumbling Block No# 7 Million

Cheeks was diagnosed with ADHD/ADD 2 weeks ago.
Thank goodness.
It's what we all thought all along.

He was prescribed some medication.
A test was required prior to giving the meds.
That was a stumbling block but we overcame, got the test, he was good to go.

The plan was to start him on the medication today.
This way he is home with me, I can keep an eye on him, see how he reacts, any side effects etc.

Dropped the script off this past Tuesday...Tuesday ladies & gents.
Bobster & I go last night to pick it up.
The pharmacist tells me it's not ready (someone might have thought the pharmacy should call but hey, why would they call us to tell us this).
Apparently, our insurance will not authorize the medication.

Cheeks doctor know has to battle it out with his insurance company.

We are not happy campers.

I just feel like we've been battling these uphill battles for the past few years.
Finally won the war & now we were going to be working on a treaty.

Not so much.

It's just another stumbling block in getting Cheeks some help.

Hopefully this time next week we will have the meds, in the meantime I'm a little bummed.
I just want to help my son so he can succeed.

Anyone ever have trouble with your insurance company & not authorizing meds?
So frustrating!!



Sending lots of good vibes your way. And patience. And well, you probably need a little a little humor to pick you up but with a child with ADHD, there are ALWAYS funny moments to keep you laughing!

CBs doctor moved out of state. The one who took his place will not adjust or change medication without 'starting from scratch'. So that's where we are. Also, pay very close attention to side effects. Dentist advised us (after telling us CB has no enamel left on his teeth, needs 2 crowns, 2 root canals adn 2 pulls) that he sees a lot of children on ADHD medication having dental problems. Side effect of dry mouth increases the bacteria buildup. I blew off that side effect, looking for more serious ones. Just a heads up.