Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Lesson 1:  Never wear a t-shirt & underwear along with a feminine hygiene pad when walking in the bathroom while your 5yo son is in the tub.  He will ask you why you are wearing a diaper.  You then have to think quickly on feet, tell him it's not a diaper & quickly change the subject to super heroes.  Not that I would know this.

Lesson 2: If you own a bra make sure it does not allow you to jiggle when you walk.  So not me, as I strap the girls down with what I like to call "Missle Protectors".  Those girls don't bounce, don't move, don't breathe.  This lesson is for the lovely receptionist at the lab today.  She was a bouncin & a flouncin all over the place.

Lesson 3: When calling the main office to get late night hours of said lab, be specific and ask if the department you need also works all late nights.  This will avoid you driving all the way over there to only be told the particular lab you are there for leaves at 4:30pm & is only there late on Thursdays.  Today is Wednesday.  I was not happy.

Those are my 3 lessons.

What have you learned lately?