Saturday, March 03, 2012

Vlog ~ How do you say my name?



Mothers of Megans such as I, shouldn't have a problem either. My Megan gets MAYGAN all the time. WTF I dind't name her MAYGAN, it's Megan. Plain ole simple Megan. Now your last name has me wondering, I have my thoughts, but you must dm me the correct pronunciation.


This is too funny, I can't even imagine people mispronouncing Meghan. It's a fairly common name! But I am from Delaware, so like you said, maybe it's our region?

MS Mom

So funny! I so feel the "hi peggy, hi diane, etc" part. I get called Heidi. A lot. Granted I have a semi-severe southern accent. BUT Patty sounds nothing like Heidi.
Love the vlog!!

Felicia McB

actual name Felicia- Fa-lee-sha
I've been called Fa-lish-ah . or Fa-lee-she-ah . or goes on.