Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Afro Circus

Cheeks & I got the opportunity to see a movie over the weekend.
A special engagement if you will.

What did we see you ask?


Madagascar 3!!!

This movie had me from the very beginning.
Started off with great action scenes & got to the plot extremely quickly.
I like that in kids movies (actually I like that in all movies!...don't ask me about the movie Haywire...shudder! Did. not. get. to plot.)

We got to see it in 3D.
To be honest, I think this one was the best in the franchise.
My fav.

Cheeks stayed in his seat & pretty much kept his eyes glued to the screen.  Even kept his glasses on.

Also, very funny.
No over the top adult only humor.
Good, old fashion fun.

Tell me are you planning to see it?


Tara O


Glad to read a good review of this one. My Littles are wanting to watch it!