Saturday, November 24, 2012

Everybody loves a parade...

Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, the festivities have kicked off.

The next town over from us had their official Christmas Parade today.
So we got on our winter coats, stopped at Mickey D's for some breakfast & off we went.

We parked in the speedline's parking lot (Speedline = elevated train that runs from NJ into Philly for commuters & shoppers) & walked about two blocks up.  We then hit the avenue & walked about three blocks down.

We had about 5 mins to spare.
Which was great because it was COLD!
Like 27 degrees with 90 mph winds...ok, fine, maybe not 90 mph but it felt like it.

Cheeks was ready for the parade but not the cold.

As every parade starts, here is the obligatory Veterans opening the parade.

Of course, there was many a marching band from all over the South Jersey area.

The motorcycle patrol always shows up & does a little routine.

No parade is complete with a few Mummers in the parade (if you do not know what a Mummer is, please leave me a comment & I shall explain)

I had more photos but sadly I am not too bright when it comes to my new smartphone & I deleted them before the email to my account went through so they never transferred.

Believe you me, there were floats & holiday characters.

Unfortunately, Cheeks hands were frozen & the wind was whipping so hard he asked to leave.

We did not get to see the finale, the big bang, the man in the red suit, Santa.

That's ok because he got to come home & play Wii.  Mom of the year, I am.

Tell me what kicks off the festivities in your neck of the woods?