Friday, November 30, 2012

Pencil Sharpeners & Fingers Don't Mix

I'm not quite sure what Cheeks was thinking.
I'm not quite sure Cheeks was thinking.

Apparently, the other day he thought it would be a good idea to stick his left index finger (his dominant hand) into the pencil sharpener at school & turn the handle.


He showed it to me.
It was scabbing over.

Today I got a call from Nurse Owen.
Cheeks was complaining of a hurting finger.

It seems it puffed up & got all pussie.
Not to mention a small red line was slowly going up his finger to his hand.
Ah, even better.

I called his dad.
He picked him up & off we went to the doctor.

This is what the patient's finger looked like when I saw him:

We were called back & this is where everything went down hill.

As soon as Cheeks realized the Dr. was going to use a needle to break it open, he started screaming "ow! ow!"
Um, she hadn't even gotten near him.

It was a 1 second procedure.
She nicked the blister on accident & it opened.
She squeezed.


Although he is now scarred traumatically...or so he says.

He is sporting a few bandaids & is on antiobiotics twice a day til they are done.

Will he stick his finger in another pencil sharpener?
Probably not but I am sure my future will include him sticking other parts of himself in other openings.

Wait,that sounded really bad.

Well you know what I meant!