Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Confessions

Another Sunday.
Another Confession.

This weeks involves a celebrity.
No, not Tom Hiddleston.
I am extremely open about my obsession with him.  Matter of fact, I fell asleep to the Avengers last night & woke up to it this morning. Oh Loki! I love you.

Back to my confession.
I am talking about Rob Drydek.

Who is he, you ask?
He is a pro skateboarder who is a brilliant business man.

He starred on a show called Big & Rob on MTV.  Now he is the host of Ridiculousness.  These are not my choice of shows to watch BUT I do live with boys, lots of boys.  Ridiculousness is right up there alley.

Make no mistake though, I knew of Rob long before his tv career.  How I have no idea.

Now I do not have a crush on him.  Not at all.  I just adore his personality. 
I can't put my finger on what it is that makes me like him I just think he is so much fun.
He entertains me I suppose.  I also respect him for the empire he built. 

My question to you on this confession Sunday is what is your confession?