Saturday, April 22, 2006

Allergies, Fred Flintstone Feet & You are turning into a vampire!

Sure you would think Spring in NJ is all sunshine & flowers being the garden state & all. Well it is....what does this mean to me? Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, headaches, asthma attacks. Yes welcome to Allergy Spring in great Burlington County. I can't stand it. My allergies have kicked in full force. I can't even sleep. I have been up since 5 & I fell asleep at 11 only to wake up every 1-2 hours. I sneeze so much & with such force that I now have been known to wet my pants occasionally. I don't have any tissues in the house so I am sitting here with a fresh roll of Scott toilet tissue. Yes, no frills for me :)

As for the Fred Flintstone Feet? Well for the first time ever yesterday I had CANKLES!!!! You know, where your calf & ankle become one. NOT PRETTY PEOPLE! You could actually make dimples in the btm portion of my legs. I called my mom in a panic...what do I do? I have never had cankles. (I should have called my she has them everyday). See there are not many things that are slender on my body but my ankles & feet were nicely shaped. After talking with my mom we came to the conclusion that I can not eat McD's for dinner & then have Chicfila for lunch the next day. Yes, I was retaining water! BIG TIME! So this morning I am happy to report...the cankles are gone for the most part. Woo hoo!

Now the vampire in the title? Well here's the story. My youngest stepson is grooming to be vampire. Look at that layout up there....that's his vampire face! The child, a mere 7, doesn't sleep. He appears to be in a dead sleep at about 9pm at night but anywhere between 4am & 6am he awakes! This morning I said to him
"Don't you sleep?"
He said "Not really"
I said "You are turning into a vampire"
He responds "What are you trying to say?"
I say "I'm saying I think you are a vampire"
Response "I don't drink blood"
me: "That's the next step"
Him, complete silence & a shrug.

Um, hello, save me from my 7 yr old vampire!

On a more fun side, I got the Jeni Bowlin April kit in the mail yesterday. Someone on Kit Peas was selling it & I took a chance. OH MY GOSH! It's yummyscrumptious! I must have this kit every month. I can not wait to use it!!!!!!! Yay!


Awesome Abby

If your swelling persists or gets worse, call your OB. That is not good, and you aren't THAT far along to have that much swelling...and call if you get a headache.

LOVE the layout!


Meghan, you are so funny in what you write sometimes! Makes me laugh which is a fabulous thing!



I second what Abby said. Or see spots before your eyes.

Love the lo and the conversation. lol


Call the DR about the sweeling for sure sweetie!! Try to avoid salt atall costs and see if it helps too. I remember how bad my allergies were when I was preggo!! You poor thing. Good part is that you are more than 1/2 way there!!