Friday, April 28, 2006

Okey dokey

Had the blood pressure checked...fine. Had the urine checked...fine. Reason for feet swelling....eating salt. Sigh! I'm screwed. Guess it's pb&j for me!

Busy week. Running here & there. Trying to relax. Trying to stay calm. Um, yea, not so easy when your car dies on Tues.

I left work.
Started the car.
Turned on the a/c


Bobby puts oil in it, thinking the oil sensor triggered the engine to stop.

Bobby & Chuckie (Bobby's brother) go up there the next day to see if they can figured out the problem.
Chuckie comes back:
Houston, we have a problem.
No shit!
Your blew your engine.

So they put the car on the trailor & drive it up to the rip off dealer.

The dealer schedules me for an appt. 1st thing in the morning. Finally at 4:30 I call.
"Oh we were busy & couldn't look at your car".
Um, hello? Don't you think the receptionist should have said you were overbooked.


Call today:
Dealer "Ms. Woeppel we have to run a diagnostic test that will cost $90 to see what's wrong with the car".
Me: "What! G'head" They had me by the you know what's since my car won't drive & they are the only Hyundai dealer close to me.

Later in the day:
Dealer "Ms. Woeppel, it appears yuor timing belt went & is going to need replaced."
Me: "Well what other damaged did it cause?"
Dealer "Well, we can't look at it today & the diagnostic test to see what damage it cost is $537 + tax."
Me: "Are you kidding? You're kidding right, that's just a test" {Hello, I don't think my ultrasound cost that much!}
So I tell him not to do a thing.
Call the Bobster.
"I don't know hun, it's up to you"
{Lots of help there hun, thanks!}

I know, I will call my dad.
My dad calls Hyundai, then takes me out to break the bad news.
Seems that even after I shell out $700 for tests I will still be facing $4K in repairs!
Ok, only owe $4600 on the car.

I love my Hyundai. Never had any real problems til today. Of course I am just over my warranty. Figures.

So now my dillema is, do I shell out the $4K repairs & then continue paying my car payment or do I shell out the $4K & then an additional $3K on a down payment for the Hyundai Tuscon like I was planning on looking at this weekend or do I say no thank you to the repairs, pay the $90 diagnostic test, then shell out the $3K on a downpayment & sell the car for junk or parts. Of course there is always the recommendation of taking the car back, driving it the inner city & setting it on fire. LIKE I WOULDN"T GET CAUGHT!

In the meantime I am driving the Bobster's Jeep. I so do not like driving it. I like sitting up higher but hate driving it.

So that's what my week has been like. I have the weekend to think about what I want to do. I have a strong inclination towards the one option but I have to weigh them all. *SIGH* Calgon, take me away!



Oh boy that REALLY sucks!! Find out if your timing belt normally goes out then or if it's like really early. If it's really early and your car is just out of warranty, if you get the national number they may cover it. IMHO - I saw just go ahead and get a new car, or you will pay $4k for the repairs ON TOP of your payment you STILL owe. It just sucks - no doubt about it.

Hey - buy a honda! ;)

Oh and yeah, stay away from pickles. Though they are super yummy, your ankles will look like cankles if you aren't careful :)


What a bummer Meghan!! I suggest getting the timing belt replaced and then drive it and see if there is anything else wrong. I've had 2 belts go out and although I know it is possible for other things to become damaged when they go out there was nothing wrong both times. May be worth a try! Good luck in whatever you decide girly!

Carolyn F

Oh my, I hate cars!