Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Fun Facts!
Yep, I will post 5 fun facts about moi, because really is it not fun to talk about yourself. LOL
Then, if you blog, I challenge you to do 5 fun facts & let me know you did them!

Here we go:
1. I love the song "Rock the Boat" & "Candy Man." These are songs from when I was a little girl. I remember sitting in the back of my mom & dad's car singing along to them. Every now & then I hear "Rock the Boat" but "Candy Man", sadly, seems to have bitten the dust.

2. I am not a natural red head. {SHOCKER} I know! Of course, with the bambino on the way I am now a brunette/red head. It's not pretty people but I make sacrifices for my kid!

3. I only knew the Bobster a few weeks before he was "living" here. Something just clicked & *poof* instant man. LOL Of course, my poor mom never caught on, even after noticing 2 toothbrushes in the bathroom. That's ok, we love her anyway.

4. When I was little I could say the Chinese alphabet. Just ask my Aunt Patty Johnson. She will tell you it's true!

5. I am cell phone challenged! I downloaded a ring tone & can't even upload it to my phone. It's a disgrace but I digress.

Ok, now tell me your fun facts!