Saturday, April 08, 2006

Challenge: YOUR SCRAPBOOKING START. Share how you got started in scrapbooking.
Ok, whose with me!
How long have you been doing it? Over 6 yrs. I can't believe I didn't try it before hand. I always took tons of photos & was quick to put them in, the horror, magnetic albums & even use pen to write catchy phrases above the photos.
Do you scrap differently now than when you first started? I think my style has evolve just like everyone elses. Lots of sticker sneeze & die cuts. LOL Nothing wrong with that style but I think the longer you do things, the more you find different ways to do it. KWIM?
What's changed for you? Anything? Hmmm....I don't think anything has changed for me scrap wise. My life has changed dramatically so my photos have different subjects in them now.

Ok, now all of you share you stories with me, either as a comment or on your blog!