Monday, April 24, 2006

I have succombed....

To the pleasure of a cleaning lady. I opened my door today & was greeted by a clean stone floor, vacuumed carpets, dusted tables, A CLEAN BATHROOM, mopped floors & that lovely lemon pledge smell. AAAH! Calgon take me away! My friend's little sister did an A+ job & for the mere cost of $25. Best $25 I ever spent!!!!! I didn't want to cook & mess up my kitchen but since I gave her money I didn't have any to go out. O well....a clean home is more important than Olive Garden. :>)

I registered yesterday. BabiesRUs. Can you believe there was a waiting list to use the register gun? It took me almost 3 hrs & I still have to go online & add & delete stuff. It was so much fun & I picked the CUTEST ever patterns & stuff. My mom & best friend & Godson went with me. They were a big help. My girlfriend helped me narrow down what you would use & what you would not & my mom helped me see safety features & picked out patterns & such. It was a fun girlie day & best of bambino will get to use it. AAAH!

Ok, burgers are burning! Gots to get my tatertots too!


Deanna Payne

Meghan, registering was one of my favorite things with my first! I had so much fun doing all those same things you did. It only gets better now as you get to use it all soon!


Hey girl! I'm so glad you moved to blogger. I couldn't even figure out how to comment on the old place! Isn't registering fun? $25 for a cleaning lady! WOW!


Hey girl!! I love the fact you are here now on blogger!! I loved registering! Isn't it fun?! $25 for a cleaning lady! WOW!