Saturday, July 14, 2007

My apologies & a video

First, I apparantly misnamed Sybill the other day.
In my exhausted stupor I referred to her as Sybill Alfred.
Um, I was corrected, that Hitler's first name was Adolph.
So, from here on out, she will be referred to as Sybill Adolph.
My humblest apologies & yes I did know his first name, like I said I was tired.

Here's a little diddy for ya.
Love this song!!!
Love it!
Love it!
Love it!



07/15/07...7:59am. ... Meg. This is the true sound and confusion of the [COMBAT] I was in while in Vietnam!, Dad.


Wow, that's some hard rock sister!

Felicia McB

interesting vid, left me jamming!