Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scars & Sybill Alfred

Those are my piggies!
The photo is to prove that I got a pedicure finally. Yea, like 5 weeks ago. I need one again but this is what my toes look like. I love the Orange polish. Kicky!
Onto the scars.
Pretty much everyone knows the saga of the cyst on my face that needed to be lanced.
Good news: It will close & leave no scar per the plastic surgeon.
His name:
John Gatti.
He did tell me if I didn't like how I look he could:
rearrange my face
Have me placed in the witness protection program.
He also offered his grandchildren to give the boys "Gatti hair"
What a guy!
Anyway today.
At work.
I was cleaning out the btm drawer of my filing cabinet.
I left it open. Moved around it.
When I moved back, I didn't much clear it & I scrapped my shin.
Not just a teeny scrape but the whole shin.
It is cut clear across. Bloodied up right away & started to bruise.
Yes, very attractive.
So as soon as I get the face cleared, I have to mess up my right leg.
Dance career is over.
Now onto Sybil Alfred.
I know someone.
From here on out we shall refer to her as Sybill Alfred.
She has a split personality & the "evil" one is like Hitler.
Had to be said.
This person is making my life miserable. So much so that I am thinking of relocating...hmmm...John Gatti could come in handy.
Anyway, wish me luck dealing with her.
Will keep you posted.
Woops out.



i will happily drop a bevy of demon ducks on her doorstep for you! *evil laugh*

after all....what are friends for?


Well poop on Sybill Alfred!


dont worry schmeg, mommy will come to the rescue. do you want me to lump her up? or just lay her soul to rest?? hmm?? i have a lot of anger issues pending and i could take them out on her and cure myself..c'mon you never let me have any fun. i think i still have my brass knuckles from my rumbling days...when you're a jet you're a jet all the wayyyyyyyy...


Good luck with the wicked witch. Now, I don't know if I'm in love with your mom or scared to death of her. I mean, anyone who's singing West Side Story can't be all that bad...can she?

Tara O'Rourke

Cute piggies, Meghan...every girl deserves some nicely pedicured toesies.

And the misnaming but seriously, I am sorry you are dealing with a she Hitler...that can be quite the bummer...I would KNOW...I dealt with one and SHE was really German. ;-)