Monday, July 30, 2007


Hell's Kitchen

1st. He had his mum on.
Too cute!

2nd. Elimination.
He said "Rock, it's time you go".
So I was like "YES!"
he said "the the finals!"

3rd. Just Bonnie & Jen left.
He sent Jen home.

So my girl Bonnie is still in the running. I can't stand Rock. He is a good chef but he just has attitude.

Now here is what is perplexing me this evening.
Why is it?
At work, when I use the facilities, I am sitting there, do to do, & I look at the door in front of me to see a "Reminder" for us that use the bathroom to clean up after ourselves.

Now I ask you, who wouldn't? I work with adults. No little ones. I imagine they clean up after themselves at home, why not at work.

Then again, I have been privy to seeing first hand just how sloppy women can be in the workplace bathroom & may I say...WOMEN CAN BE SLOBS!

On another note, Extreme Makeover is coming to Camden, NJ to build a needy family a house. A dad & 8 kids I think live in a one bedroom apt in Camden.
For those that don't know....Camden is the poorest, most crime ridden city in NJ & I live 10 mins from it.
While I am happy for this family, there is already round the clock police presence there during construction. Can you imagine what this house will look like once the show is done & the cops leave?
The best thing would have been to move this family to a neighboring town but alas they will get a new home. Say a prayer it goes unharmed.

~Woops out!