Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm hot!

I'm hot.
Like sweating hot.
Like this hot:
Did you think I meant another kind of hot?
I'm not that vain, Victoria's Secret is safe with me. I'll never get to tell it with my figure.

Sorry, off topic.
I mean I am hot.
All the time.
At work I break out in head sweats.
At home, if I sit still my feet will get so hot and so will my legs.
I have taken to sitting with the window open, right in front of it.

Lately, even with the cooler air settling in around South Jersey, I am still tempted to put my a/c on in the minivan. If I did, I'd probably have a Cheeksicle in the back sit. Poor kid, he hates it if it's under 70.

Even at night, I keep the ceiling fan in the bedroom on high, leave the sheets off & relish in the cool breeze. I was almost tempted to put the a/c on the other night but again, Cheeksicle kept me from doing it.

I'm only 40 & a young 40 at that. Could it be pre-menopause?
I say yes.
Think about it, I'm not using my womanly parts for anything right now.
Don't plan to in the future either.
There is no womb in the inn, kwim?

Has anyone started this young?
Any of you?
Please let me know.

Seriously, I'm ready to get rid of it.
Heavenly Father blessed me with at 13...that's long enough for me.




nana was thru the change by 42, my mom in her mid forties.. me?? 55

MS Mom

I am laughing right now because I do the "stick your head in a freezer" thing and at WalMart the freezer section is my best friend (for full body cooling). Ha! And you are lucky, as I am only 34. Perimenopause really does start early in some women, especially if the same was with your mother or grandmother. When we start wearing tank tops and shorts in winter, God help us! :-)

Tara O

Not a clue to help you out here.....but EGADS...seems too young for it! I know it happens. I say if you are done with the "inn" then see if you can get someone to take it out. I always say...stolen from my big sis of course...that there are only two things that grown in a uterus...a baby and cancer. (well and fibroids) I don't want either. Wish I could remove mine. LOL


Don't know if that's the cause or not, but we're hot over here in PHoenix too! (I blogged about it today) Hope you feel better soon!