Saturday, October 02, 2010

Stream of Conciousness

You really have to thank James Joyce for creating this style of writing.
I would tlhank him but as an English major in college I read to much Joyce & wanted to slit my wrists w/ a butter knife.
Hated it!

So it's officially October.
Break out the pumpkins!
I love my little pumpkin.
Wait til you find out what he's going to be this year.
His choice.
I swear.
For those that follow me on Facebook you may already know.
We picked up his costume today...well some of it.
I have to get the actual outfit & some felt still.

Would have gotten it at Walmart today
I left.
In disgust.
They didn't have anything I went for.

Here's what I've been wondering....
Do you ever feel like your teeth are wearing sweaters?
Don't get me wrong.
I brush.
Sometimes, at random times during the day, my teeth will feel like they are wearing sweaters.
Weird eh?

Not as weird as Sister Wives eh?
Hows that for a segway.
I am watching the show & I am thinking are you kidding me?
First, let me say this, I am very happy that the guy explained that he is part of the Fundamentalist Mormons & not the Main Stream Mormons.
I always get someone who thinks it's funny to ask how many wives my dad has.
Like I've never heard it before.
Then they follow it up with do you know Donny & Marie?
Why yes.
Every Sunday my dad & my 8 mom's get together with the Osmonds for a hoe-down.
Gimme a break.
Not all Mormons know each other
Polygamy has been outlawed in the church for eons.

Now here is where I might get in trouble.
While I do not believe in it, and while I understand it's wrong, let them be.
They aren't harming anyone & legally he's only married to one woman.
What's the diff btwn that & being married to one & having an "open" marriage.
Again, I believe in none of that so no flames please.

It's sort of like the Duggars.
Would I want 19 children?
Do I care that they have 19?
Heck no, the more the merrier, for them.
They are not relying on the govn't for their income, their children are well fed, well taken cared of, polite & good members of society.

Just my opinions on these important matters in society today.
I am a wealth of opinions.  Ha.

So lets make this clear....I believe in one man, one wife.
I believe in letting people have as many kids as they wish if they can take care of them.
I have some other beliefs but won't discuss here.

You can ask me my opinion, I will let you know.
Just know it's my opinion, doesn't make it right or wrong.

Let the games begin!



I don't watch the show..but I'm sure glad he said he wasn't Mainstream! Also..VERY annoying that still when religion is discussed I still get "oh, the religion with multiple wives" *giant eye roll*
I think your thoughts make perfect sense!


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