Thursday, October 28, 2010

Introducing Mittens

Ever hear of the movie Bolt?
From Disney.
The main characters are the dog, Bolt, and the cat, Mittens.
Mittens is a bit of a smart aleck.
You can see the superior look on her face, can't you?
I'll give you 3 guesses who is obsessed with Mittens, first 2 guesses do not count.
Oh that's right.
So Cheeks has decided he wants to be Mittens for Halloween.
I jumped on that decision like white on rice!!! 
Give it to me, k? Next year he's probably going to want to be a bloody vampire or something.  I got to take what I can.

Well I got the outfit, tail, ears & nose.
My girlfriend at work put her mad sewing skills to work & created his costume for me.

Introducing Mittens!
Bad kitty!
Shake your tail feather!
I absolutely adore it!
He, of course, is smitten with the Mittens costume.
I really had to pry it off of him.
He even got down on all fours & meowed.
Do you think when he's 17 he's going to kill me for this post?
We shall see.

What is your little one going as this year?



A Lego brick...I'll blog about it later, it's being finished up right now and he has to wear it for his school Halloween Parade tomorrow.